A Unique Consulting & Training Organization

InnovoMark is a consulting and training company. The central theme that links all of the products and activities of the company can be concisely described by the formulation of “Strategies” and execution of the appropriate “Tactics”. Many companies are unsuccessful because they do not follow such a rubric.
Some companies formulate strategies without the corresponding tactics to achieve the them, such as "this year we plan to increase our market share by 10%". Without the specific tactics, such as, a target market plan, detailed recruitment plan, investment plan, training of sales people etc., this strategic goal will not be realized.
On the flip side of the coin many companies are unsuccessful because they are highly tactical with little or no strategy. In this mode, companies react to the demands of their marketplace without any regard to a long-term plan.
The common denominator among all the successful companies is that they have clear, and well defined strategies in addition to the tactics that are specifically chosen to achieve the strategic goals.

"Strategies and Tactics for Successful Bidding"
This training module enables business professionals to prepare commercial bids that will have a high probability of winning against competing bids, but equally importantly, be translated into profitable contracts.

"Strategies and Tactics for Successful Marketing"
This training module enables business professionals extract the maximum benefit from the investment they make in marketing. In addition, it demonstrates the highly critical role of effective marketing in achieving appropriate pricing and successful negotiations.

Petroleum Economics – Essential Knowledge for Improved Sales Performance
This training module enables business professionals to improve their sales success by communicating their value in a way that takes into account the economic drivers of the customer